Recent Knee Pain, Just turning 23

Patient: I am turning 23 within a month and starting to have knee pain in my right knee. I drink every single night, about 15 beers every night (only at night after 10 pm), and drink about a gallon of water every day.I never drink beer in the day and try to drink as much water as possible during the day. I dont believe I get much calcium in my diet. This knee pain started about a month ago. I looked up gout, but, thus far, I have never had pain in my big toes. Is it more likely that my knee pain is due to my constant drinking or my lack of calcium intake. As I mentioned it is only in my right knee and it just started about a month ago. When it first started, it would only hurt when walking up stairs. But now it starts to hurt randomly, even when sitting. 1/10, 10 being excruciating and unbearable pain, I would say it is a 2 perhaps a 3. Thank you for your time.

Symptoms: Knee pain

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.You seem to be suffering from Knee ligament injury or Acute Musc ular Pain.I would advise you to get an MRI of knee done.Pain due to hyperuricemia usually presents with pain and inflammation in the great toe. However, you should also get your serum uric acid tests as you consume beer heavily.I would advise following for knee pain:1. To do knee and quadriceps strengthening exercises.2. To do hot fomentation of the knee3. Apply diclofenac ointment locallyShare my opinion with your doctor before acting upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy