Recently found out I am pregnant my due date is

Patient: Recently found out I am pregnant my due date is October 6, 2015. So that makes my LMP December 30,2014, during that’s time I had unprotected sex with two men. Had sex with man A on January 8th and I know for sure he didn’t pull-out On January 11th I had sex with man B and we just used the pull out method. I’m 95% sure it’s man A’s baby. But the other 5% makes me wonder could It be the other guys. I know I deserve what I get for the choices I made. But it is what it is. Can someone please help ease my mind just a little?

Doctor: Hello ,In view of your own statement that the man A didn’t pull out during sex on jan 8th when you were in your fertil e period then chances are bright that the pregnancy you hold is likely to be that of man A. The intercourse on jan 11th was with a pull out method though you were in your fertile period , but still unlikely.However the confirmatory way the paternity can be decided before the birth would be through amiocentesis and subjecting the foetal cells to DNA PATERNITY TEST.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards