August 16, 2018

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Recently I have been finding an extra drop of urine

Patient: Recently I have been finding an extra drop of urine surprising me after using the washroom. Today it may have occurred in a line at a fast food restaurant (I’m not sure – sometimes I imagine the sensation because I’m worried about it). I wear close-fitting underwear, jeans, and workboots, but in my paranoia I can still imagine a stray drop escaping. There was a paramedic in the line with me. I need to know that there can’t be any danger to anyone else from this!



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and concern.The extra drop is never an incontinence. S ince the length of the urethra after the sphincter which controls the urine flow is quite long, the remaining urine can come out as drops .Real incontinence is presence of urine continually out of the urethra and soiling the clothes.Once found, it has made you aware of it.Please do not worry if there is no continuous dribbling.There can not be any danger to anyone else from this, I assure you.I hope this answer helps you.



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Patient: Thank you. Even if a healthcare professional inadvertently came into contact with such a droplet, no harm could result?

Patient: What I mean is, there could be no danger to their patients from such an exposure?

Doctor: Urine is normally sterile. So it should not cause any problem.


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