Recently it was discovered I had TSH if 74

Patient: Recently it was discovered I had TSH if 7.4. An ultrasound revealed a slightly enlarged thyroid on the right side with subcentimeter nodules.Antibody tests turned out normal.I have been taking synthroid for three weeks now.When I work out, I end up having a day or so of discomfort on the right side of my neck. It feels like my shirt collars are too tight.Is discomfort while working out normal?It has reduced my workout routine from 4 days a week to 1 day.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Since you have not mentioned the values of Free T3 and Free T4, it will be difficult to c omment on just TSH.Is it 74 or 7.4?If the TSH is 74 you need to undergo an MRI scan for the pituitary.If this (TSH) is just elevated to 7.4, you need to consider the clinical pictures, symptoms and Free T3 and Free T4 readings too.Mild increase in Thyroid size may not be that much significant without other values.Please post the detailed reports and other symptoms you have.Since you have been started on Synthroid, you may be having the symptoms of excess circulating Thyroid Hormone causing you the fatigue and all.I would advise you to consult an Endocrinologist and review the reports and clinical picture to decide further treatment.I hope this answer helps you. Awaiting your feedback