Recently, ive been having some chronic hemorrhoids so when I

Patient: Recently, ive been having some chronic hemorrhoids so when I wiped and found a little blood on the toilet paper, i was not worried. It was bright red and a little stain. However, as the week progressed, there was more and more blood on the paper. I still was not alarmed, however the blood became darker, a maroon type color. Now i understand that darker blood is trouble and can be very serious. There was also blood in the stool but it was mostly dry, with some bits floating around. When it first started, i had regular bowel movements but now I am quite constipated. I have scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor for Monday but should i treat this matter more pressingly? Thanks in advance for advice!

Symptoms: Constipation, dark blood in stool, dark blood on toilet paper

Doctor: Hi.You have symptoms of constipation, dark blood in the stool and toilet paper.This may be indicating a problem / mass or ulcer high up in the colon.In all such cases a colonoscopy is mandatory.Get the colonoscopy done and if grade 3 or 4 hemorrhoids, get operated.If there is some positive finding in the colon, the further treatment will be as per detailed study including biopsy, CT scan of the abdomen and so on.Hope this helps you.