Recently my mother was admitted to the hospital where exploratory

Patient: Recently my mother was admitted to the hospital where exploratory surgery was performed.The surgeons found that my mothers liver had advanced cirrrhosis. My question is, if my mother stopped drinking alcohol over (20) years ago, could damage have ready been done, as in the cirrrhosis sit in, per say ? And growed without her knowing all these years ?An additional question, if I may.She also has chronic pancreatitis. She is on a lot of pain. Also said was “a strong possibility of pseudo cyst”.She was prescribed various medications, which included: Tramadol 50 mg. I believe this pain pill wore off or her body adapted to this medicine quickly. The other medication was pancrease.It sounds to me that, one. She is still having pancreatitis attacks.Do you think she needs more pancrease ?On a “walk-in” return to her doctor she was prescribed “Narco”. I believe 325mg.We were told by a different doctor that one, “Narco” had Tylenlol in it, so with her current liver problems, this wasn’t helping. Despite this, her doctor still prescribed “Narco 325mg”. We did confirm the same dosage with the pharmacist.We were told by the doctors nurse that he said she could tolerate it and this was a lower dose of Tylenol.Thank You for your time.Basically I’m looking for answers to help alleviate my mothers pain.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood the history about your mother – Explorator y surgery – Advanced Liver cirrhosis.Although your mother stopped drinking 20 years ago, the cirrhosis can still occur either due to the process that might have started long back, and there is an entity called as Non-alcoholic cirrhosis.Either way the treatment remains the same and it is Liver Transplant.There is also chronic pancreatitis with Pseudocyst. You are absolutely right that the medicines will lose its effect over the time, but what works at the moment is most important.Use of Paracetamol in such cases is debatable as the liver is in the terminal stages of the disease process.For the pain:The best way may be celiac block, helps a lot to alleviate the pain .Please discuss with your Doctors about this and find out who does it.I hope this answer helps you.