Reconstructed Pelvis and Fertility

Patient: My fiance was raped at age 14, and was given reconstructive surgery to her pelvic area. As a result she was told she would never have kids. She is 27 now, and we were hoping with today’s technology we might be able to have a baby. Please give me your opinion.

Doctor: Your fiancee’s ability to have children will depend on what was done during the reconstructive surgery.If either her u terus (womb), fallopian tubes or ovaries were severely damaged during the ordeal and had to be removed, unfortunately, nothing can be done to restore fertility. If these organs are functioning then there is a chance she will be able to conceive a child.A review of her medical records should reveal exactly what surgical procedure was performed and if the cause of her infertility is correctable. If her medical records are not available, an ultrasound of the lower abdomen will easily show the presence (or absence) of her reproductive organs.