October 16, 2018

Recovery from Binge Eating

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Patient: Hello. Since October, I have been recovering from anorexia nervosa. It didn’t take me very long to start eating again and get back to a healthy weight. Unfortunately, I went to the other extreme, and now I frequently binge eat. Rather than starving myself, I’ve become a binge eater. I’m on the Paleo diet, so I only eat healthy food that I prepare at home. But I eat way too much of it! I don’t purge very often, but I do use large amounts of laxatives, since I want to avoid anymore weight gain. However, my weight is still increasing because I eat very large volumes of food all at once. I’m sick of eating past the point of fullness, and I don’t honestly know why I do it. How can I stop this bad habit so that I can lose this extra weight?

Symptoms: Bloating, feelings of over-fullness, indigestion, overeating



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your question on “Ask The Doctor” It appears that you have shifted from anorexia nervosa to bulim ia nervosa.It is common to have bulimia nervosa in your age where binge eating is main activity.Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are usually predisposed by underlying depression.You are requested to visit a physician who will take a detailed history, suggest investigations to rule out diabetes, hyperthyroidism etc and He or she may discuss a treatment plan with you.In the absence of any metabolic disorder, you may require treatment with antidepressants.Wish you a good health.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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