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Patient: I experienced mild cramping during vaginal intercourse (last night). Immediately following intercourse, I felt excruciating pain between my vaginal and rectal region, and became nauseous. I believe it came more from my bum that vagina. It was extremely painful to pass gas. I took Tylenol and also magnesium citrate, believing it was constipation. This morning, the pain has decreased, however still remains. Is this a big deal? Trapped gas? STI?I don’t even know what kind of doctor I should see for the matter.

Symptoms: Rectal Pain, painful to pass gas, mild nausea

Doctor: Hello, if you experienced sudden onset shooting pain in the rectum region after a vaginal intercourse, then it is possible that you have undergone an anal sphincter spasm causing involuntary closure of the sphincter valves of anus secondary to painful stimulus during vaginal intercourse.This may have lasted for 4-6 hrs and, as you said, you found it difficult to pass even gas, but the spasm was relieved the next morning. This is not unusual during rough sex to experience such pains and it tends to remain as long as the prostaglandins which are released during the act, their levels decrease and return back to normal. Best way to handle this situation is to sit in hot sitz baths and provide hot fomentation to the local area allowing early relief.

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