Recurrent allergic symptoms,colds and flu

Patient: Hello there. I have been living in Singapore for 9 months and i have started getting ill all the time. I am normally healthy back in the uk but now it just seems to me i am always getting the flu??? Why is this… I have a blocked up nose and runny, yellow flem when i caugh and now my eye is starting to wheep and also dry lips all the time? Please can you help, thank you.

Doctor: Sometimes witha change of environment and countries one may become more sensitive to developing the allergies as per the allergens present in that environment.The symptoms of weeping eyes and dried lips is more pertinent to allergies than the flu. Moreover while it is difficult to pin point to exactly one cause that is leading to the recurrent illneses and flu, it may be that your immunity has decreased thus making you more susceptible. Try and eat healthy , drink a lot of water and practice basic sanitary measures like clean hands which will help prevent transmission of infections. All the best.