Recurrent Ovarian Cysts

Patient: I had a partial Hysterectomy in 2007. I had a cyst then, it was removed. I now have another cyst that is 5cm by 4cm. What are the chances of surgery? Should I go ahead and have my ovaries removed? What are the indications for ovary removal? When would they remove one and when would they remove both?

Doctor: Before a decision can be made on the type of treatment required, the cysts needs to be investigated further. It is neces sary to do a biopsy to determine whether the cyst is benign or malignant.The cyst is most likely benign and if you have no symptoms related to the cyst then there is no treatment required. A symptomatic cyst can be removed without removing the entire ovary. However, if the cyst is malignant then the ovary should be removed. The other ovary may need to be removed as well depending on the type of tumor since certain tumors sometimes occur in both ovaries simultaneously.