Recurrent Shoulder dislocation

Patient: I jumped into my friends pool with my arms out and my arm came out of the socket but popped itself right back in so i swam around and it felt fine. The next morning i woke up and my arm was a lil sore so later at a party i went swimming and went on a trampoline and did flips and it was fine. Then later i went back on the trampoline, attempted a flip but landed on the same shoulder and my arm came out but stayed out. I was holding it and after a minute as i was walking it went back in. So i went 2 the E.R and they said 2 see an orthapedist and 2 wear a sling. It’s been a week and my arm feels 100% fine but i have a week till i see the orthapedist. Do I still have 2 continue wearing the sling for another week even though my arm feels fine? I dont wear it around the house. And can I swim? My parents r worried it will come out again so they won’t allow me to do anything physical.

Doctor: Yes, you should continue to wear the sling. You have recurrent shoulder dislocation. This occurs becuase the ligaments t hat support the bones of your shoulder I weak. Though you may not feel any pain, the ligaments have been damaged and need time to recover. Wearing a sling allows the ligaments to recover, so please continue to use it. The orthopedic surgeon will tell you the further treatment you require to prevent your shoulder from dislocating again.