Recurrent sores or boils around pubic hair area

Patient: Hi Doc,I have these boils, or whatever they are I am not really sure what to call them that keep appearing on my body, especially around my pubic hair area. I have searched through the web for anything that may look like what I have and I can not find anything like it.These things form, then dry up and disappear then form again, right now in the pictures most all of them have dried up already but are still visible, the one I took a close up of, appeared this morning. I do not know what these are or why they are forming, and they form in other parts of my body as well, like the other day I had one on my arm, and I have seen one on my chest before and on my stomach. What could these things possibly be, they don’t never itch, I scratch there when I have a normal itch and I feel no pain either.Can you please help me doc if it is possible. From what you have seen before what does it look like it is to you?

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