Recurrent Strep Infection In Urine

Patient: I have had bacteria in my Urine and we have treated it and it keep coming back? I have no symptoms but i always see what looks like toilet paper in my urine. I mean what more can be done besides taking these meds?

Doctor: Recurrent UTIs are common among young, healthy women with anatomically and physiologically normal urinary tracts. When t he first infection is caused by Escherichia coli, women appear to be more likely to develop a second UTI within six months than those with a first UTI due to another organism. Certain risk factors that may lead to recurrent urinary tract infections are :Biologic or genetic factors : Women with recurrent UTI have been shown to have an increased susceptibility to vaginal colonization with bacteria.Sexual intercourse, diaphragm-spermicide use, and a history of recurrent UTI are strong risk factors for UTI.Pelvic anatomy (short distance from the urethra to anus) may predispose to recurrent UTI in some women.You can avoid recurrent UTIs by :Avoid douching, wearing tight undergarmens and always wipe front to back.Voiding right after intercourse and more liberal fluid intake may reduce the risk of recurrent.Taking antibiotics to prevent recurrent UTI: Antibiotic prophylaxis has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of recurrent UTI in women. Prophylaxis has been advocated for women who experience two or more symptomatic UTIs within six months or three or more over 12 months.