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Recurrent Styes

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi there, I am getting recurrent styes in my eye and they are so sore. I am getting at least one or two a month. Just as one goes it feels as if i am getting one in the other eye. I always wash my eye makeup off, and have changed my mascara. I got some chlorsig ointment but i don't think it helps. They start as a little red lump, then they swell so much that my upper eyelid looks terrible, then after a few days they sometimes get a head. They are awfully painful though. What can i do to prevent them?????


  Here are some measures you may take to reduce the recurrence of Styes:

Thoroughly removing make-up each day before bed
Avoid sharing make-up or make-up tools
Keeping make-up tools clean
Proper hand washing
Application of a warm cloth each morning may help to liquify the gland in the eyelid preventing blockage which is one of the underlying factors in causing Styes.

Implementing these measures should decrease their recurrence.

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