Recurrent thrush, what to do?

Patient: I think I’ve got recurrent thrush, how do i get rid of it once and for all, whats best to take?

Symptoms: Clumpy white discharge but only appears about a week after my period and then from then on all month.
itchy vagina

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comRecurrent thrush or vaginal candidiasis is characterised by thick cur dy white discharge with fruity smell and constant intravaginal itching .The diagnosis can be confirmed by getting a vaginal smear culture done on sabourad’s medium which grows fungal spores. It is imperative for you to visit your physician for a per speculum examination and the vaginal smear.Vaginal candidiasis can be treated with use of antifungal pessaries for a week and oral antifungal treatment . on prescription of the physician.Ideally the sexual male partner should also be treated alongwith and intercourse have to be avoided during the whole course of treatment so that inter infection doesn’t spread.I hope i have answered your queries in detail.wishing you good health,regards