Recurrent UTI

Patient: I’m 32 yrs lady. I had problem in lifting right leg in May 1998, 14 years back. Diagnosed D10 demylination lesion (MS?) and treated by neurologist. I can walk myself but still have a heaviness and weakness in right leg.Now since August 2011, having recurrent UTI. In August, urologist did cystoscopy and said its due to urethral obstruction and so recommended dilatation later.In Nov, 2011 did first dilatation and later in Jan 2012 did dilatation and cystoscopy again.Post void residue inAugust 2011 was 131, pus cells : 30-40sept 2011 was 110, pus cells: ocassionalJan 2012 was 128 : pus cells : 3-4in Feb (after cystoscopy) 86, pus cells : 3-4Consulted neurologist again and he said that urologist is giving wrong treatment. This due to demylination and should not do more dilatations since that would cause urine leakages. He suggested to go for intermittent self catheterization and go for its training. I have to do self-catheterization after every 6 hrs.But Uroloist says that there is nothing due to demylination and have to do dilation in next month.Who is right?Is this bladder dis-functioning due to demylination?The chapter of demylination caused 14 years back, will it really cause problem to any other organ again after 14 years?