Recurrent UTIs, What should I do?

Patient: Hi there.My first UTI occurred when I had sex for the first time this year on April, and was treated with Bactrim DS for 10 days. 2nd UTI occurred on mid -July, and was also treated with Bactrim DS for 10 days. But after finishing the Bactrim, I still had a burning sensation. As time went by, the pain became minor and it wasn’t frequent, so I didn’t go to see doctor as I thought my uti was getting better.Nowadays, I still have this minor burning pain sometimes. I think that’s because my 2nd uti was not being cured. Maybe Bactrim didn’t work for me. And also, I sometimes have a minor pain under my right rib cage (almost feels like it’s bruised, sometimes left side hurts as well), and I’m worried if my uti developed to something else.Please note that I had a surgery due to UTI when I was about four in Korea (I can’t remember what kind of surgery I went through though)Do you think that my surgery is related to my recurrent UTI? Do I have to go see Urologist to get tests like pelvic exam, or cystoscopy to figure out what’s the cause?

Symptoms: Pain when urinates, vaginal burning sensation.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Recurrent UTIs can be caused by urinary retention, unprotected sex, previous pelvic surgeri es effecting the hear. Given the nature of your infection, we recommend that you have pelvic exam and ultrasound in order as well as start your course of antibiotics.Thank you for choosing