Recurring Knee Problem

Patient: Hi,A fairly long time ago (a rough estimate of 10 months)…I damaged my knee, I’m fairly sure I dislocated it, I did it by simply standing up from the sofa and my knee cracked and I fell to the floor, my friend was round so helped me up the stairs and into bed I tried to straighten it and I couldn’t anyway so I decided it was best to leave it to tomorrow and see if it was gone. The next morning it was gone or at least it had died down. Anyway I carried on with my life and never really noticed much wrong with it after that, but around 7 months later I decided to take up jogging, after the second day my knee hurt quite a bit, not as much as the first time but it was noticeable. I decided to get an appointment with a GP who referred me to a physio, I had the appointment a week ago by which time I had stopped jogging and the pain had largely gone but it still felt stiff, he said it seemed to be fine and I had probably dislocated it he also said that I could go back to jogging. So I have done, however now it seems to be getting slightly painful again and feels stiff all the time. I am really frustrated as I can’t see any real reason for this, was I mis-diagnosed or is there another problem, I was thinking maybe that my knee didn’t ‘relocate’ properly or maybe a small fracture in my knee due to the force of dislocation…..anyone?