Recurring lower back muscle spam

Patient: Reoccuring back muscle spam.Have visited gp and given medication ( PEEFEN FORTE & NORGESIC tablets), and to massage with METHY SALICYLATE. Require a permanent cure

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. Your muscle spasms could be caused by poor posture, repetitive movements, sitting for lon g periods of time, or even electrolyte disturbances. The medications you have been given do help relieve the symptoms of spasms however, we need to address the underlying issue that could be causing this. Along with your medical treatment, we recommend that you practice some light lower back stretching techniques to loosen the muscles. Try to engage in these in the morning, and a several times throughout the day. Such stretching techniques could be easily found online. To start, try doing some light twisting in a standing position, followed by bending at the hips being sure not to over stretch beyond your comfort level.We recommend that you start off very gradually. If your spasms continue, you would probably benefit from physiotherapy once or twice a week. You will need to be reevaluated by your doctor to determine your candidacy for this. Should this not provide you with further relief, you will need to undergo neuromuscular testing to see if your spasms are caused by misfiring of nerves in your back or spine. Exercise, stretching and posture adjustment has been shown to help with your issue, so we recommend you try this to see if this helps first before taking further medical action.Thank you for choosing