Recurring UTI for Years

Patient: I have had recurring UTIs for over 2 years now. I have been to the doctor numerous times. Each time, there is no bacteria (from feces) but I have blood in my urine. The doctor prescribes me Macrobid which works fine. The infections only occur when I drink coffee or soda; more than 2-3 a week; like clockwork. If I don’t drink those things, I am fine and never have problems. If I do, I can count on a UTI forming. I have been tested for everything from HIV to diabetes and there are no underlying reasons. We have upped the dose (2 a day) from 7 to 10 and even 30 days before to ensure the infection is gone; but it keeps coming back. Could cancer cause this? What are other reasons a UTI won’t go away? I am tired of having to take one Macrobid everyday if I want to drink coffee.

Doctor: Symtoms of urinary tract infection are pain during passing urine , increase in frequency of urine and sudden urge of pas sing urine and sometimes they are associaed with fever with chills , urinary tract infection has no relation with drinking coffee, if you are having these symtoms on and off for the past two years and preliminary investigations are coming normal then it needs to be investigated further as it is also associated with blood in urine. Now source of blood in urine could be from the kidneys , ureter and bladder.As you are having painless bleeding stones anywhere in the tract is less likely , other causes could be medical diseases of the kidney and cancers of kidney , ureter and bladder, what I would suggest is get MRI , cystoscopy and urinary cytology done for any cancerous lesions and if everything comes normal cytology should be repeated after 6 months and MRI after a year.