Recurring UTI’s

Patient: My mom always has always had frequent UTI’s, but I thought it was due to her being T-3 paralyzed and needing to cath… she sometimes bleached and re-used catheters.However, I too have recurrent UTI’s, I had some really bad ones even in kindergarten.As an adult, the UTI’s are almost constant. They are ALWAYS very mild however and produce little or no symptoms. Frequent urination and a temp of 99 is just the way life is. Only when infections get “bad” do I take an antibiotic…. usually cipro or amoxicillin.In 02 I became pregnant and reached 19 weeks. Doctors said that a UTI had transpired to a raging kidney infection. I became septic, was hospitalized for days, and lost the pregnancy. :-(I know that a short urethra lends to recurring UTI’s and it’s a genetic condition… that makes perfect sense here.However, what can I do to make the infections stop? Also, if I want to try again to become pregnant, what can I do to assure the health of Myself and a fetus?