Red/brown spots on throat

Patient: I recently had a viral infection in my throat. The pain went away two weeks ago but the reddish brown spots still remain on the tonsils. Recently a spot just showed up on the back of my throat. Is this still a part of the viral infection?EDIT:Also, the flaps of skin in front of my tonsils are a darker red color than the rest of my throat. My throat is not sore nor are my lymph nodes noticeably swollen.

Symptoms: Spots on throat. 99.3 constant temp.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. These spots may be caused by inflammation from your previous infection. Since you are asymp tomatic we recommend that you monitor these spots daily to see if they are increasing in size or number and if you are developing symptoms once more. If these spots do not resolve please see our doctor for reevaluation as your throat infection may have not fully cleared.Thank you for consulting