Red bumbs on the head of the penis.

Patient: Hi there,My Boyfriend and I have been dating for 2+ years, we have sex probably about 2 times a day. We use a condom about 50% of the time, and usually when we don’t, we use a lubricant. My boyfriend has gotten little red bumps on the end of his penis sometimes after we have sex. We have both been tested negative for any STI’s. Does anyone know what this could be?

Symptoms: Tiny red bumbs, soreness.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting asktehdoctor.comIf both of you have been tested negative for STDs already then these tiny dots over the tip of penis is possibly congested terminal capillaries which tend to burst under the penile skin during the sexual act and appear as tiny dots or bumps. These are self limiting and subside withina week once those tiny hemorrhages resolve.However if they don’t , it is advised to visit a physician for a local examination and evaluation.I hope i have answered your query in detail.regards