Red bump on lip. needing identifying

Patient: How do i tell if i have a pimple on the corner or my lip ir if its a cold sore?

Symptoms: Red bump on the corner of my mouth

Red bump on lip. needing id...-1 Red bump on lip. needing id...-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. A cold sore would be a sudden painful eruption, in the area of your lip. In comparison, com edones (pimples) are usually smaller, less painful, and may resolve in a shorter period of time compared to cold sores. Based on the photograph you provided, this appears that this lesion is more consistent with a pimple rather than a cold sore. If you are still concerned that this may be a cold sore, you can have a doctor examine it in person and take a swabbing of it to send for laboratory testing to detect the herpes simplex virus (the virus which causes cold sores).Thank you for consulting