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Red Dots on Penile head

Patient: After intercourse with regular partner I noticed that I got a lot of red dots on penis head. Additional things that have been happening recently is that i got sore throat( mostly left tonsil) and have been taking some cold/flu alka seltzer pills. My partner was recently experiencing some burning while urinating as well. Those red dots do not itch or anything really, it just seems discolored without any pain or are pictures:




Symptoms: Red dots on penile head

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.From the history that you have furnished, it looks like an acute vascular reaction th at you develop soon after an intercourse. It could be triggered by a vigorous intercourse causing increase in vascular supply over the area. Since you are not having any symptoms, it is unlikely that it could be an inflammation or a sexually transmitted infection.There is nothing much that you need to do further on this or worry about. However, since your partner has urinary symptoms, it is recommended that you get yourself evaluated to rule out STD and other infections.Drink plenty of water daily.Hope this helped.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Regards


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