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Red marks on penis skin, that fade during nighttime

Patient: Hi, I’m Andy. A couple of months ago red spots (tiny dots that are usually like the point of a red pen, some are more spread out) have appeared on my penis. The skin has not changed texture, only the color. They also seem to follow one of the main blood vessels. The spots that are spread are where the skin folds under the top of the penis.They are not itchy, do not stand out above skin line, do not release any fluid. Except for the fact that they’re there, the marks do not cause any inconvenience.Moreover, they usually fade away during nighttime, but seem to become more reddish as the day progresses.Can you please give me some solutions to what might they be? and how to make them go away? Thank you!



Symptoms: just the red color



Doctor: Red spots on your penis might be due to friction during sex or masturbation, irritation to any lubricants or rarely bact erial infection. Though the marks do not cause any inconvenience, it might be a matter for you or your partner. First, don’t worry , as most of men will have such kind of symptoms, which is quiet normal. But it is always better to consult a physician, who can examine you in person, to rule out any serious conditions.

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Patient: I forgot to mention that there are 3-4 small dots and 2 places where the skin is reddish on a wider area. I hope you’ll be able to read this before answering the question. Thanks!

Guest: Thats the same problem that happen to me, but its only one in my penis, and i dont masturbate. i only clean it when im in the shower


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