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Patient: My 5 year old daughter gets these red rashes on her body anytime i apply sunscreen on her. I was told by our family doctor to keep on trying different brands of sunscreen until we find one that does not cause her to get red rashes. What would you suggest as my daughter loves playing outside and right now I don’t really allow her to spend that much time outdoors.

Doctor: Thanks for your great question. The one thing you did not mention in your question was the time frame the rash appears. Is it over a few hours, days or instantly?If the rash occurs immediately to only the areas where you have applied the sunscreen, it is almost certain there is an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in it.If you notice that it takes time for the rash to appear after your daughter has been exposed to the sun, it could be possible that the red rash is because of your daughter reacting to the sun and not just the sunscreen.If you notice that your daughter has reacted to most of the sunscreens out in the market today, set up a allergy test with your family doctor. They maybe able to find the specific ingredients your daughter is reacting to.All the best and I hope this helps.

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