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Patient: Six red irritated looking spots on the head and shaft of my penis.

Symptoms: Slight irritation

Red spots on penis head and...-1 Red spots on penis head and...-1

Doctor: We have reviewed the images you attached. From the picture, it looks like red spots aremore like a rash. The spots are not raised and there is no obvious lump. If possible kindly follow-up and give me some more details about any possible exposure to STIs. That is extremely important, as, in genital herpes, such spots can arise without a sore. Also, I need to know the exact duration of these spots. If there is no history of any exposure to sexually transmitted infection, then the probable diagnosis could be just a rash or angiokeratomas. If they have been present for a long duration, then it is likely to be an angiokeratoma. If the onset is sudden then it is part of a rash and I will advise you contact your physician and get a prescription for tablet Claritin (Loratadine ) to be taken once daily at bedtime. In addition, you can apply Calamine lotion to soothe the irritated area. Kindly follow-up with slightly more details on the duration and any possible exposure to STIs.

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Patient: I am not sure if I have been exposed to any STIs. I believe they have been there for maybe a month. They get dry and turn white then peel off sometimes

Doctor: In that case, it is a rash. Calamine lotion will be helpful in reducing the irritation. Also, continue Loratadine as I advise for 3-5 days.

Sometimes the products we use to take a bath, such as the soap or the body scrub can lead to such rashes around the glans or scrotum. Kindly ensure you are using a normal soap to keep the genital area clean, as they are very sensitive to certain chemicals and it manifests in different way for different individuals.

Patient: What made you lean towards it being a rash? It seems to become more red and irritated when I have sex with my girlfriend or use lotion to moisturize. It does not itch or burn.

Doctor: As you described it becomes more red and irritated after intercourse, it sounds more like a rash as rash tends to get worse on friction.

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