Red throat but not sore. Worried about hiv and std

Patient : I had unprotected oral (performed cunni and got blowjob) and Protected vaginal sex with Asian sex worker in Hong Kong on Sunday/Monday am. There was multiple sessions. Unprotected Blowjob, unpro cunni, protected vaginal. Step and repeat x 3. I was waisted.... Next day I woke up sick (hung over). I threw up like 30 times. And hard too.... I even broke blood vessels on my eye lids and cheeks. Worst ever. So later next day Monday. I went to pharmacy and got 1.5G of azithromycin and started taking doxy 100mg. Tuesday I noticed my throat was really red and had some shallow red ulcers in back of throat. The roof of my mouth is almost yellow with red spider webs. I went to hospital and told story. dr said that testing would take longer than my stay so he would just treat me with shot of rosephrin 250mg and dozy 100 mg 2 x day for 7 days. He said that should take care of anything bacterial. But now bow I'm scared about hiv. I know probability is low, but il sure I tore some muscles in my throat. Don't know how long hiv can survive in mouth if in fact she were +. What to do..... I'm freaking out!!!! Is it likely I contracted hiv? If not then I don't know what the hell is wrong with my throat. It doesn't hurt. But looks bad!!!!
Symptoms:  Red throat, non painful shallow ulcer, yellow roof of mouth.
Red throat but not sore. Wo...-1 Red throat but not sore. Wo...-2 Red throat but not sore. Wo...-3
Doctor :   Thank you for your question. The doctor in the ER treated you for possible bacterial infections such as chlamydia an d gonnoreah and the treatment can take a full 5 to 7 days to achieve full resolution of symptoms. The treatment is not effective for hepatitis, HIV and syphilis which are also possible based on the unprotected sexual activity you have described. The risk is low but not zero and is higher because the activity was with a sex worker. The recommendation is to be tested NOW for the above conditions and again in 3 and in 6 months. Only after a normal test at the 6 month mark can you be reassured of not contracting anything.

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Patient: Above conditions meaning syphillis, hep B and hiv? Or gon and chlamydia also? I have doxy for 14 days so that should resolve syphillis according to dr here
Patient: Above conditions meaning syphillis, hep B and hiv? Or gon and chlamydia also? I have doxy for 14 days so that should resolve syphillis according to dr here. What's up with my throat. Is that from puking or the doxy? Or possibly gonno
Doctor: The antibiotics you mentioned should resolve any bacterial infection.

Hepatitis, syphilis and HIV would not cause your sore throat but are other things you need to be concerned about.

The delayed healing of your throat is also likely due to the vomiting and sometimes simple time and soft diet are required in addition to the antibiotics.

I would only see your doctor about your sore throat if it is still present after completing your course of doxy.

Doctor: As a point of clarification, your current symptoms can not be HIV related as it takes many months for symptoms to manifest.

HIV testing is advised now and at the 3 month and 6 month mark because the nature of the encounter puts you at risk of such an infection

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