Red urethra

Patient: I have a redness around the opening of my urethra, i have been to the doctor about this and she prescribed a cream to use once a day, which has been innefective after two months use. i have no itching or soreness and can urinate without any difficulty. the problem arose almost two years ago, but as a married man of fifteen years with no other sexual partners i assumed it was some kind of tissue damage caused by vigorous sexual intercourse that would eventually go away. however it has not improved over time nor with treatment. the redness covers an area roughly one to two centimeters wide and seems worse after sex or masturbation. the skin doesnt seem to be as smooth as it should be though i woundn’t describe it as spotty or blistered so much as bumpy. it doesnt cause me any irritation or problems other than the unsightliness and the fact that it looks like i have some kind of nasty condition. my doctor has prescribed another cream and said if it doesnt work she will send me to a dermatologist, however she hasnt looked at it on either occasion that ive brought it up. any ideas what it could be? i am now single and concerned what a new partner might think.