Redish, pinkish, lighter than normal discharge. Could I be pregnant?

Patient: I usually start my period around the 23rd of each month. In february I started on the 11th, meaning it came early. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 26th and 27th of february, and this was said to be my time of ovulation, unless my early period messed up my cycle. We used the pullout method. I started bleeding a redish/pinkish/lighter-than-normal discharge on march 9th and then on the 10th it was mediumish flow and a dark red and on the 11th it had a sort of dried blood look to it. I have been having headaches constantly since the 7th of march and I hardly ever get headaches. I would like to know if there is a possibility of pregnancy?

Doctor: Hello, I realize your concern about possible pregnancy. According to your narration, the fact that you had sex during yo ur ovulation days puts you in risk of pregnancy because the pull out method is one of the least effective contraceptive methods.However the bloody discharge that you are having during the last week might have been your menses which are now presenting irregularly.Surely the only way to find out is by taking a home pregnancy test, if no positive results are present and no menses yet, you might want to consult your health care provider for a more detailed history and exam to rule out other possibilities that could cause irregular periods such as anxiety, stress or hormonal imbalances. I wish you the best.