Reduced sex-drive/ reduced testicular size

Patient: I am 22 years old and workout often. 9 days ago, I purchased a prohormone supplement called epistane for the first time and followed the directions on the bottle. Two days ago, I stopped taking the prohormone because of a severe loss in sex drive and a decline in the size of my testicles. I am aware that my natural production of testosterone was either partially or entirely shut down by the introduction of an external source of testosterone, so what can I do in the short-run to stimulate my endocrine system to produce testosterone again? My girlfriend will be in town for the first time in a month on Friday, and I really want to be sexually healthy for her visit. Thank you.

Symptoms: Smaller testicles, sore testicles, reduced sex- drive

Doctor: Your anxiety is an understandable problem. As rightly put in by you, this problem of drive etc., depends on testosteron e in the body. It is also true that exogenous testosterone or related products will suppress endogenous secretion of certain chemicals and hormones. You cannot hurry up. Wait for a week or ten or 15 days. In the meantime Sildenafil or Tadalafil could be helpful. Please meet your family doctor and appraise him of the situation.