Reducing faint, old non-raised scars.

Patient: Hello, I have searched extensively both on this site and the rest of the internet but the information I get tends to be conflicting or clearly sponsored by someone with financial interest in the answer.I have some fine scars, they are old (around 8 years) and are paler than the surrounding skin (they are white). They do not appear particularly raised, but if you run your finger over them they can be felt.Is there any product that has been shown to reduce the appearence of scars of this type and age? Most seem to be intended for newer scars, or else darker or more raised scars. Is there any evidence that skin needling could be effective? Or sillicon strips or gel? I already regularly moisturise the area. Is it simply too late for me to do anything about them?Thank you very much, I would be so grateful if someone could give me some imartial advice as the range of products and advice is truly baffling.