Reg Pregnancy Scan Report

Patient: Hello sir,My wife 6 month pregnant,by yesterday we have taken anamoly scan ,in that they have suggest “chances of Early diastolic notch” what is this and will it afftect baby growth ,she can go for work in this scenario ?

Doctor: The presence of a diastolic notch in the uterine arteries in pregnancy is an indicator of increased uterine vascular res istance and impaired uterine circulation. The presence of notching after 22 weeks of pregnancy is associated with several conditions causing adverse pregnancy outcomes. These includepregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), pre eclampsia, placental abruption and intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR). Bilateral notching is more of a concern than unilateral notching. Unilateral notching of the uterine artery on the same side of the placenta if the placenta is along one lateral wall (right or left) carries the same significance as bilateral notching.The report will need to reviewed in the light of your wife’s clinical condition and other health parameters. Rest in left lateral position is known to increase blood supply to the baby and the uterus and is generally advised in conditions such as this.This report certainly calls for extra vigilance and antenatal monitoring. Whether or not your wife can continue to work is a question that shall be best answered by the treating obstetrician.