Regarding missed period

Patient: I m married and didn’t get ma period. last time after physical intimation i had taken the contraceptive pill (i-pill)within 6 hours. Actually we don’t want child right now. Two times i had done the pregnancy test and it came negative. So what are the possible reason i didn’t get ma period.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The probable cause for missing your cycles could be pregnancy, side effect of the emergen cy pill, anemia, hormonal imbalance, stress or even a recent abortion that you had in October.It generally takes a couple of cycles for the periods to get regular after an abortion. The emergency pill also can change the hormone pattern and delay the cycle or bring them early and also alter the flow of bleeding.Stress also may be one cause. Kindly see a gynecologist, since the pregnancy test is negative, the other causes have to be ruled out. You may wish to wait for a week for cycles to resume, if not the doctor may pit you on hormones like progesterone for withdrawal bleeding and your cycles will resume soonHope this helpedRegards.