Regarding my wifes pregnancy at 75 weeks

Patient: Dear SirThis is Vinodh here. I have a question regarding my wife’s pregnancy. My wife is 7.5weeks pregnant. We did a transabdominal scan on 23-Aug-15, where in reports came in that everything is normal but fetal pole no cardiac activity. Doc asked us to do a scan on 30th Aug and also asked us to do a quantitative HCG test 1 on the same day and 1after 48hrs i.e. on 25th Aug which we completed yesterday. My wife was having severe nausea and vomiting till yesterday morning. The vomiting was so intense that whatever she was eating she got vomited. It started at about 5th week. But since yesterday afternoon she is not having any nausea or vomiting and she is feeling her stomach empty and the bloating is also not there. Is it abnormal thing to happen? r is this the indication of a miscarriage? She doesn’t have any cramp or bleeding.Request you to help on this I am really concerned and not able to concentrate on anything.RegardsVinodh

Symptoms: Pregenancy 7.5weeks