Regular colds and sore throats

Patient: Hi. Since January I have caught a cold every other week or had a sore throat. I caught tonsilitus a month ago, and was treated with penicilin and that worked, but a week later I lost my voice, then a week late I had a cough, today I have a cold again. I am 28 years old. Female. Have always been healthy and rarely get ill until lately. I work in a busy pub. I would like to get some blood tests at my local health center to try and find the cause of my constant being ill, can you recommend a list of diseases I should get checked for, I want to cover every possibility e.g HIV, Glandular Fever, Hepatitus, Anemia. Can you think of other possibliltie?

Doctor: I realize how worry you are about your constant upper respiratory infections. Surely there is a need to have a complete evaluation done by a physician and also lab work.Now since you work in a closed place, depending on how your immune system is at the moment you can easily have been re infected with viruses or bacteria that may have caused your upper respiratory infections.The majority of these pathogens are transmitted by direct contact. It would be necessary to have at least a complete blood count to guide your physician on your body reaction to a possible infection and also if you have sputum at the moment he or she might ask for a sputum culture as well to rule out the pathogen that is causing your recurrent infections.After having a complete evaluation with lab results, then your physician would have something to guide him on which disease to rule out. I wish you the best.