Regular Exercise Routine for a Middle age man

Patient: Is it healty to run on the treadmill for only 10 minutes at a running pace instead of jogging for a longer period of time? I’m a 30yr old male in decent shape, not trying to lose weight, just stay fit. I’ve heard that running fast for short periods is unhealty.

Doctor: Yes, it is healthy using the treadmill at your own pace for about 10 to 20 minutes daily or at least 3 times a week, but every person is different and most likely the exercise routine should be customized for each case in particular. There is a very well described entity in the medical literature called: Overuse Syndrome, which can affect any part of the body that is over stressed with movements or activities in a repetitive way, including occupational, recreational, and habitual activities. Repetition is part of the definition of overuse injury. The concept is that overuse injury is associated with repeated challenge without sufficient recovery time, and this is true for Body Building, Running, Jogging or any other sport or activity in which you exceed the guidelines and your own limits or capacities. So a daily healthy exercise routine besides the standard guidelines should be customized for each particular individual.