Rehab after ankle fracture

Patient: Hi there, I recently fractured my ankle and have been doing various streches to try to improve mobility. One of my hobbies is climbing and I was wondering if you think this is something that will help increase strength in my ankle or make it worse? Kind regards Jonny

Doctor: Everything depends on how well your bones healed after the fracture, if you need to strengthen the leg and foot muscles after the immobilization period, of course you will need stretching exercises, but also depending on the type of fracture, you have to be very careful with the climbing activities and I recommend that you try very light ones first and not exceeding your own limits and capabilities. The healing time is different for each patient, but generally is about 6-8 weeks sometimes it may be more than that. When you had the ankle immobilized, it is expected that the range of your movements be reduced and now you have to start progressively with the flexion extension of the ankle until you reach the normal range of motion for that joint and getting back the strength of your muscles.