Rehab post knee surgery

Patient: I have had a knee injury and had surgury for a torn menicus. Since then I have not been able to lock my leg all the way back. It feels like there is a muscle or something in the way cause I can feel a small lump in the back of my leg at the joint. I now have atrophy in the one leg along with several other issues I associate to this one issue. Can you direct me in one direction or another? Can you tell me what is wrong and how to have it fixed or how to fix it myself or who to go to, to have it looked at? How would a doctor diagnos this issue because I have talked to one about it before.

Doctor: Factors such as the extent and location of the lesion, the amount of articular cartilage degeneration on weight-bearing surfaces, the duration of injury, and the joint stability affect the pace and aggressiveness of the rehabilitation program, the healing time and the outcome. No preset duration for any phase of rehabilitation is described, and the healing time is different for each patient. I suggest that you can continue with your physical therapy treatment, emphasizing the range of flexion-extension movements of the knee, and also strengthening of quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. If after doing this you keep having the same problems and notice no improvement with the lump, I strongly recommend that you get re evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon to determine the best course of action and treatment options for you.