Rehabbing torn hamstring

Patient: I tore my hamstring almost a year ago in April. The doctor said it was just a partial and that I should be okay with staying off of it, elevating and icing and walking with crutches. I was on crutches for 2 weeks and nursed it for atleast a month before starting slow with any excersise. I have constent pain still to this day and now it’s not only in my hamstring but now going further down and affecting my knee and ankle. Is this signs of more damage or is this just now a constent pain that I need to live with? It completely limits my ability to excersise at all without that pain being there. I fear injuring it again because in my opinion I thought it was a complete tear and if it wasn’t, I definetly don’t want to feel how a full tear would feel with the amount of pain I had.

Symptoms: Pain in leg