Rehabilitation after stroke

Patient: My grandad is 78 and was relatively healthy however he suffered a stroke about 5 days ago. He is moving both his legs up and down very well, his right arm as well, his left arm not as much but it is still functioning. The thing I am worried about is that he has lost control of his tongue and his eyelids. His eyelids are shut all the time and he cannot seem to open them much. He occasionally manages to open them almost half way and can see abit when he does so. Is it possible to regain the use of these functions through therapy? Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Doctor: Your granddad is suffering the sequels or consequences of the recent stroke. The disabilities depend on the extension o of the brain areas affected. It is still too early to predict what will be the outcome or the recovery of the residual disability. In USA more than 700,000 people suffer a stroke each year and approximately two thirds survive and require rehabilitation, which is very important in helping to becoming as independent as possible and get the best possible quality of life. The rehab is not going to reverse the brain damage that already occurred, but it can help a lot the person affected to achieve the best possible outcome. The rehab must begin as soon as within the 24-48 hours after the stroke.