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Reinfection of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

Patient: Do symptoms of reinfection for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea appear faster than initial symptoms of first time infection (for insance, within 24 hours of reinfection)?



Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.The symptoms of reinfection are vague and at times go unnoticed. It is unlikely for the i nfection to cause symptoms within 24 hours. In case repeat testing for a reinfection is done after 3 months of a primary treated one. Symptoms of pain in lower abdomen, discomfort in the belly, abnormal discharge from genitals, rashes, burning while urinating could all indicate are infection but they appear at least 7 days later after a trigger factor which is most commonly a sexual exposure to an infected partner or incompletely treated person.Hope this helpedRegards



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Patient: Is the infection possible for testing at 4-5 days after exposure or does it need to wait for symptoms to develop?

Doctor: Hi,
There is no need to wait for symptoms, generally as per the guidelines, we generally follow testing after 3 months of the therapy, if not possible within 3 months, then after 12 months of therapy.

Patient: If I was retested about a week after treatment, is that too soon?

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for the query
Yes, it is too early to be retested after treatment, it is always better to wait for 3 months after treatment and get it tested for accurate results
Hope this helped


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