Relapse of Urinary Tract Infection after treatment

Patient: Hi, I had blood in urine 3 weeks ago then I visited to the local doctor. The doctor took my blood and urine samples and after a few days told me that I have UTI E-coli bacteria infection which is causing blood. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for 5 days. After using medicine the blood from urine was disappeared. Now after finishing my medication I am feeling the little itching and burning in my genital area. What you think the reason? What I should do next? Best regards, Aisha

Doctor: It may be possible that your UTI may not have cleared completely and require a longer course of antibiotic for the cure of infection. Another possibility is that the infection may be due to kidney infection or related to kidney stones, which may  require further investigation like ultrasound and X-ray examination for accurate diagnosis and specific treatment. You need to consult your doctor again for further treatment.