Relief for viral upper respiratory tract infection and sore throat

Patient: I recently visited an urgent care facility for a sore throat and ear pressure. The doctor diagnosed a Viral URI and suggested a nose spray to alleviate the congestion causing ear pressure as the virus is casing the throat to swell and sinuses not to drain properly. I was advised that the virus would take 3 to 5 weeks to run its course. I neglected to ask if there was anything to soothe or alleviate the sore and swollen throat. Can you advise something to help with the sore throat?

Doctor: You do seem to be having a viral upper respiratory tract infection which will run its own course. For your  sore throat i would advice some soothing lozenges, saline/salt water gargling, hot fluids like soups etc which will help soothing the inflammation. You could try some over the counter cough medication if there is a cough that is troubling you especially at night however this could make yoou drowsy. In case the symptoms dont subside or get better in a week then please see your physician for a follow up. All the bes.t