Remedies and precautions for Strep Throat

Patient: I am 100% sure I have strep throat just by looking at my throat and comparing it to images on the computer. I am going to schedule an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but is there anything I can be doing in the meantime? I am drinking hot Chai Tea with Rosemary and I already gargled with hot salt water.

Doctor: Strep infection may remain contagious until proper antibiotics are taken to reduce the infectivity. Precautions you need to take while waiting for the treatment include, hand washing, especially after wiping your nose and before eating or preparing food, make sure to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing and if possible avoid visiting crowded areas to prevent the spread of infection. Herbal tea and lozenges may also help soothe your throat. It is recommended to avoid drinking cold or very hot beverages and spicy or oily foods to avoid irritation of the throat. Soft diet and liquid foods would be the best diet option with sore throat.