Remedies to lower high SGPT levels

Patient: Hi, Age 29, I needed to pass medical tests before I get visa of a country. Therefore, some medical tests were taken including urine, blood, syrology, chest xray and others to test HIV, Hepatitis, TB and chest diseases etc. There was no evidence of any disease found and all diseases were non reactive but my SGPT is 90. therefore, I am considered as medically unfit. Is this a big issue ? If I need to get Visa I need to decrease my SGPT level in a week or two. Doctor said If this is in initial stage this level will grow but cannot decrease in short time. I am now really worried what should I do and how do i decrease this level. I never drink alcohol but I am a smooker and smooke 6 to 7 cigerates in one day. What diet I should take, I used to eat junk food 3 4 days in a week. but now I am on a complete diet for two days and I am not eating any oily junk food. I am taking yogurt 6 to 7 tablespoon with some vegetables twice a day. and eating some fruits like graphs, apple etc. I am also drinking approximately 2 liters of water a day. I am not doing any exercise because i could not get time for it. but may be i will start light exercises from tommorrow. Please tell me that Can I reduce my SGPT level in a week or two and Should I take yogurt, Not skim. what vegetables i should take etc and whatever you can advice me please Many thanks

Doctor: I do agree with your doctor it will be very unlikely to lower the SGPT to normal levels within 2 weeks. There are certai n things that can cause elevations in SGPT. This is usually an indication of liver cell injury. Overuse of some over-the-counter drugs (e.g. paracetamol) and herbal medications/drinks can result to SGPT elevation. Obesity and being overweight can predispose an individual to have a fatty liver and increase SGPT levels. There are certain liver supplements, those that contain Silymarin (milk thistle extract) which can improve liver function. You can try taking these and follow the instructions on the label because it may differe between brands. I don’t think taking skimmed milk and/or yogurt will help. I would suggest though avoid alcohol, avoid oily food or frying your food, and over-the-counter drugs. You can continue exercising but you should not overdo it. Strenuous exercises can also injure the muscles and slightly increase SGPT levels. Treadmill exercises at least 1 hour everyday would be reasonable. Doing all these is not an assurance it will lower your SGPT levels but at least you should try. Doing these will not harm you anyway. I do hope I have answered your question and take care always.

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Guest: hi,
we got the same problem here, my SGPT is 95 were in the average SGPT is 45 my doctor give me some sylimarin capsule to take within 1 week 3x a day. And i have to re take may med. exam a week after i consume all the capsule that she give. hopefully i got cleared on it.