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Renal Glycosuria – Presence of urine sugar in the absence of Diabetes

Patient: I am 46 Years Old. I Checked my Blood. My Blood sugar is normal, but high sugar in Urine. My Kidney function is normal. How I will prevent the Urine sugar. give me ur advise




Doctor: Abnormally high amounts of sugar in the urine, known as glycosuria, are usually the result of high blood sugar levels. S ince your blood sugar levels are normal, this could be due to renal glycosuria. In general, renal glucosuria is a benign condition and does not require any specific therapy. Glucosuria may be associated with tubular disorders such as Fanconi-de Toni-Debre syndrome, cystinosis, Wilson disease, hereditary tyrosinemia, or oculocerebrorenal osteodystrophy (Lowe syndrome). Renal glucosuria has also been reported in patients with acutepyelonephritis in the presence of a normal blood glucose level.I would advise that you get a urinalysis, fasting blood glucose concentration, glycosylated hemoglobin levels, serum electrolytes, bicarbonate, phosphorus, and uric acid levels and a 24-hour urine collection for amino acids. Benign renal glucosuria is a self-limiting process and requires no special medical care. If other associated findings suggest tubular disorders, then other interventions are required.


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