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Respiratory diseases: Cough and fever

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Dear Ask the doctor im suffering at night of attacks of dry cough and fever some days at morning but mostly at night , especially when its cold or when i smell perfumes ,no chest tightness and no dyspnea or wheezing,always feeling drowsy and difficult to remember some thing especially at study this been for more than 2 years,im a hookah smoker for more than 8 years but when i try to stop smoking these attacks becomes more and more and longer ,my mother suffers of branchial asthma and she uses ventolin inhaler what is that could be?


You could be having a range of different conditions which could either be allergic asthma like reaction or acute bronchitis due to the hukka smoking or you may be having a lung and respiratory tract infection. You need to see a physician in person and get tested with a complete blood count as well as a chest xray to have a more clearer picture of the situation. All the best.

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